Our in-house Japanese restaurant offers an 
enticing selection of seasonal food, all harvested and carefully 
selected in Oita for the highest quality.
Delight in harmonious flavours brought together like an 
exquisite work of art.

Delicious Luxury

Terrace Midobaru’s first-rate chef presents a creative 
kaiseki meal like no other.
With specialties such as Bungo Beef Sukiyaki Kaiseki, 
get ready to be transported to a new 
level of culinary bliss.
Dine with us for the complete experience.

Sample breakfast menu

Assorted seasonal vegetables
Vinegared daikon radish
Three kinds of pickles
Marinated hijiki seaweed, Fried fish paste, and simmered sweet potato

Grilled dish
Grilled mackerel
Grated daikon radish, seasoned cod roe, and simmered burdock

Steamed dish
Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard), with sauce on top

Dried daikon and potherb mustard salad

Side dish
Simmered homemade deep-fried tofu, with gingko

Soup & Noodle
Japanese dumpling soup
Dumpling noodles, Oita specialty

Hinohikari branded rice

Fruits and yogurt

Coffee or Tea

Sample dinner menu

Sweet and spicy fried scampi
Slow roast duck in oil
Duck rolled in green onion
*6 dishes in total

Natural sea bream, Japanese tiger prawn, and yellowtail with seasonal garnish

Hearty soup with Oita local chicken and shiitake mushroom

Grilled dish
Mushroom pie with cooked vegetables

Simmered dish
Simmered homemade deep-fried tofu, with gingko

Main dish
Premium Japanese Black Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki (Bungo Beef)
(With ingredients including Chinese cabbage, onion, green onion, burdock, shiitake mushroom, starch noodles, broiled tofu etc.)

Hinohikari branded rice

Pickled vegetables

*Seasonal dessert

*All meal will be provided in the restaurant located in the first floor.
*Dinner starts from 6pm.

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