Mt. Tsurumi: Witness the Season’s Beauties on Beppu’s Famous Mountain

In many ways, Beppu is a sightseeing haven. In this picturesque city, you’ll find everything from hot springs and aquariums to delicious gourmet food. With so many riveting experiences in the heart of the city, it’s easy to overlook its natural beauty. But anyone who steps away from the hustle and bustle will notice immediately: the nature views in Beppu are easily some of the highlights!

Prime among these is Mount Tsurumi, which looks out over the city like a watching giant. In this article, we’ll learn all about this epic mountain.

What is Mt. Tsurumi?

Beppu’s famous mountain, Mt. Tsurumi, stands at an impressive elevation of 1,375 meters. From Beppu City, one can already witness the beautiful view of Mt. Tsurumi alongside Mt. Yufu, another of Beppu’s well-known mountains.

Mt. Tsurumi is one of the Oita Prefecture’s most famous mountains and it even ranks among Japan’s top 300. Surrounded by Aso-Kuju National Park, those who visit should ensure to see everything else this location has to offer. Some of the best natural sights can be seen in this park – including the king of them all, Mt. Tsurumi. 

Highlights of Mt. Tsurumi

One of Mt. Tsurumi’s many charms is that it displays a variety of colorful expressions depending on the season. In spring, cherry blossoms and Miyama Kirishima (a type of azalea) come into full bloom at the same time, at the foot of the mountain. This is the time for some of the year’s most breathtaking colors.

After the rainy season, the mountains are covered in rich green hues. And when autumn comes around, the area comes alive with fiery reds, yellows, and oranges. By the time winter sets in, the branches and trunks of the trees are coated in frost and ice, and the entire mountain becomes a snowy wonderland. 

People flock to lay eyes on the large panoramic view at the summit of Mt. Tsurumi. On days with good, clear weather, visitors can see the far-off island of Shikoku in the distance.

Make the Most of Mt. Tsurumi on the Beppu Ropeway

The Beppu Ropeway is an aerial lift line that connects the hillside of Mt. Tsurumi to its summit. This journey can be made in just 10 minutes. On the Beppu Ropeway, visitors can witness the marvelous view on the summit from the comfort of a gondola. Up here, Beppu City and Beppu Bay can be seen in all their glory.

See the Best Nature Views in Beppu on the Beppu Ropeway

Access to Mt. Tsurumi

Travelers who are interested in seeing Mt. Tsurumi can enter the area at the Beppu Kogen Station. This is the heart of sightseeing related to Mt. Tsurumi, and it is also a pick-up point for the Beppu Ropeway.

The Beppu Kogen Station is only a 5-minute drive on the Prefectural Route 11 (towards Yufuin) from Beppu IC. And by bus, the journey takes 20 minutes on the Kamenoi Bus from JR Beppu Station (West Exit). Visitors traveling from Beppu City can easily see all of Mt. Tsurumi’s magical views on a day trip.

Enjoy the Unique Seasonal Colors on Mount Tsurumi

Mt. Tsurumi remains one of the best locations in Beppu to fully experience the beauty of each passing season. You can conveniently see all its best views by riding on the Beppu Ropeway. Stop by for a captivating experience that is bound to bring peace to your mind and soul.

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