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Explore Beppu At Your Leisure with Oita Cycle Share

This time, I’d like to introduce Oita Cycle Share, which I’ve been seeing more and more often in Beppu City! Oita Cycle Share is one of an increasing number of bicycle sharing services. It is available in both Oita City and Beppu City and is very easy to use. In this article, I will tell you how to use the

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Enjoy Beppu’s Onishi-Bozu Jigoku!

This time, I would like to introduce you to Onishi-Bozu Jigoku or Hell, one of the most popular hells in Beppu! Onishi-Bozu Jigoku translates as ‘Hell of the Monk’s Head’ and is named after the bubbles that form in the hot mud, causing it to swell up like a shaved head. Tourism here started after the Meiji Era (1868-1912) but

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Umi-Jigoku: The Largest of Beppu’s Hells

In Beppu, a city of hot springs, there are many jigoku or hells where the water that gushes out creates a breathtaking sight. Jigoku meguri or hell tours have become a standard tourist activity. The most famous of these are the Blood Pond Hell and the Oniishi Bozu Hell, but the largest of these is the Umi-Jigoku or Sea Hell.

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Perfect For A Walk! Enjoy Beppu Park

Beppu Park, located in the center of Beppu City, is a large park in Beppu. The area where Beppu Park is located was laid out in 1907 in conjunction with the visit of Emperor Taisho, and the pine trees planted at that time are over 100 years old and still alive today. The park is lush with trees and has

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The Oita Fragrance Museum in Beppu is a Must-See for the Curious!

In Beppu, there are many cultural facilities such as museums and art galleries. Today, we will introduce the Oita Fragrance Museum. It is a very unique and rewarding museum based on the theme of fragrance. Oita Fragrance Museum Has Many Fascinating Exhibits When you enter the museum, there is a nice citrusy scent in the air. The dark blue perfume

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A Unique Sightseeing Experience in Beppu: Yunohana-goya in Myoban Onsen Hot Spring

Yunohana-goya in Myoban Onsen is a great tourist spot not far from the center of Beppu where you can get a close look at how hot spring ‘flowers’ are made. There is a souvenir shop, restaurant, family bath, and an outdoor hot spring bath, so it’s easy to spend a whole day there. Here, we’ll introduce some of the points

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Beppu Hatto: An Easy Guide to Beppu’s Hot Spring Districts

With the second-highest number of hot springs in the whole world, it’s no wonder travelers call Beppu a hot spring paradise. Across Beppu’s eight districts, 2000 hot springs and over 200 hot spring facilities can be found offering rejuvenating onsen baths. If you like the sound of soaking in hot mineral-rich water, then allow us to introduce you to Beppu

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